The Phantom of Riverfield

Arriving in Riverfield
The Adventure Begins

the magistrate of Riverfield petitioned King Wenrold for a team of adventurers to come and investigate an odd light coming from a cave high in the forested hills. He gave the task to his lackwit son Erol, and he chose you.

Whether you are a warrior, mage, healer, woodsman, hunter, assassin, or alchemist, the petition was open to any profession who thought they could take on the task. Neither Erol or King Wenrold is really much bothered with a dot on the map like Riverfield.

With the team assembled, you set out for Riverfield at first light, and reach the small village by noon. the magistrate briefs you on the situation. Here are the facts you’ll need to know.
The ghostly blue-green light flickers and dances oddly.
It comes from a cave.
The cave is situated on a stony hill high up a densely forested slope. The treck through the forest is likely to be dangerous and frought with all manner of wickedness.
Woodsman scouts reccon the cave to be quite a large one, but a powerful aura of dread surrounds the cave, and no one has managed to get near it.

Now, it is market day. The bizarre is bustling, and the town is alive with commerce. You and the rest of the team have arrived just in time to take advantage of the market’s fair. There are the typical fruit, bread, and meat venders. There are weaponsmiths selling knives, swords, and other practical common weaponry. There is an armory located near-by. there is an apothecary on one side of the street. Basically, this is your typical village market fair. If you needed anything more, you should have come prepared. What kind of adventurer are you anyway?

the team heads into the market to gather supplies before beginning the journey into the forest west of the village of riverfield.

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